Seqwater Enterprise Agreement 2021: What it Means for Seqwater and its Employees

Seqwater is a Queensland Government-owned corporation responsible for managing water supply services, as well as maintaining and improving water infrastructure across the region. In order to manage its workforce effectively and ensure that its employees are provided with adequate working conditions and remuneration, Seqwater has introduced the Seqwater Enterprise Agreement 2021.

This new enterprise agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for Seqwater employees, including their pay and benefits, working hours, leave entitlements, and other important provisions. Some of the key features of the Seqwater Enterprise Agreement 2021 include:

1. Pay and Benefits: The agreement provides for a new pay structure that includes a minimum 2% pay increase each year over the life of the agreement. In addition, Seqwater employees will receive a range of other benefits, such as increased superannuation contributions, family-friendly work arrangements, and access to professional development opportunities.

2. Working Hours: The agreement provides for a range of flexible working arrangements, including part-time and casual work options. It also sets out clear guidelines for overtime and shift work, ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for any additional work they do.

3. Leave Entitlements: The agreement provides for a range of leave entitlements, including annual leave, sick leave, parental leave, and other types of leave. These leave provisions are designed to ensure that Seqwater employees can balance their work and personal responsibilities effectively, while still maintaining their income and job security.

4. Job Security: The agreement provides for job security provisions that protect Seqwater employees from arbitrary dismissal or redundancy. These provisions are designed to ensure that employees feel secure in their positions, and that their contributions to the organisation are recognised and valued.

Overall, the Seqwater Enterprise Agreement 2021 represents a significant step forward for Seqwater and its employees. By providing clear and transparent terms and conditions of employment, the agreement ensures that Seqwater can attract and retain talented and committed staff, while also maintaining high levels of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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